Instructions for the magic.


The spiked coin comes with a cylinder (in two parts), five spikes, and the coin. To do this amazing trick, you will need to open the cylinder and place the coin that came with your kit or a real coin into the round section on the bottom of the cylinder, and then cover it with the top. Make sure that the top goes on correctly. You will see a notch in the bottom part that fits into any of the four recesses on the top part. Placing the two parts together like this will ensure that the holes on both the bottom and top part are aligned properly. You are now going to place the five spikes into the holes on the top and they will pass all the way through the coin and out of the bottom of the cylinder! Well, not really! You are going to place the first spike in such a way, that the coin will turn sideways within the cylinder allowing the spikes to pass on all sides of it. Hold the cylinder with the top holes facing you. If the cylinder were a clock, one of the four outer holes should be facing the six o’clock position. Place the first spike into this hole. As the spike touches the coin it will push its outer edge down and force the coin to turn on its side. You will know if this was done correctly if the spike goes all the way through the bottom, and if you can now see all the other bottom holes through the top.You will now place the next spike into the center hole. Then proceed to place all the other spikes into the other holes. After all the spikes are placed, take them out one at a time and then open the cylinder and immediately tip out the coin to show that it is unharmed!