Instructions for the magic.


In addition to your picture frame, you’ll need a small playing card that you are willing to have destroyed or a piece of very thin cardboard as well as a pencil or pen. Before your show, slide one end of the playing card under the left or right side of the raised section of plastic (it looks like an eye) in the middle of the frame. The card will go past the circle in the middle and come out of the other side of the raised plastic. Make sure you place your card on the side of the frame with the wording on. On this side there is a locking mechanism, which is released when the playing card goes through. After placing the playing card into the correct side of the frame, put your first finger behind the frame and, using slight pressure, slide the clear window on the other side of the frame, allowing the hole to show through the center of the eye. To perform the effect, show the penetrating frame to be perfectly solid. You can even allow this amazing prop to be completely examined. When you place the playing card on the correct side of the frame and secretly slide the plastic window on the other side, you will now be able to poke a pencil or a pen through the playing card and have it come out through the other side of the frame. After you show both sides of the frame with the pencil sticking through, you can remove the pencil and secretly slide the plastic window back into place. If you like, you can even place a playing card on both sides of the frame, but first make sure you place the first one on the side which releases the window, then move the plastic window to allow the hole to line up and then place the second card on the back side of the frame. Now you can push the pencil through two cards for an even more impressive effect!